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‘Growing our future together’

Aug 28, 2023

Aug 26, 2023

This fall we are very excited to be opening our new Career and Technical Institute on Highway 59. This project has been nearly two years in the making and promises to bring opportunities to our students. In our initial year, we are offering Certified Nursing Assistant classes in the new medical lab in addition to advanced welding and automotive classes in the shop.

There is also room for expansion that will likely include construction trades, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC courses in future years. We recognize the workforce needs in our community and know many of our students learn best in hands-on real-life classes where we teach specific career skills to students at both the middle and high school.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes benefit students by teaching both academic and employability skills while giving students technology and skills to see more success in adult life. At the same time, through this programming, we can expose students to high demand career pathway opportunities, they can earn industry standard credentials, and have hands-on learning experiences. CTE classes also benefit the community by promoting career fields with young people, serving as a recruitment tool for future employees, and helps “grow our own” in exposing students to many opportunities that exist right here in our community.

This new programming is in addition to the many current CTE classes that exist at our schools and brings a more advanced level of training to our classrooms. Adding a new center and these hands-on courses are very expensive, and in an effort to provide the best opportunities for our students, Marshall Public Schools is seeking partnerships and donations that will support this work and open the doors for future expansion. We welcome both individual and business partners. Your support will initially help complete the CTI location, and there will be an ongoing need for tools, supplies, and equipment. We are excited to partner with the Pride in the Tiger Foundation and Marshall EDA in this work.

Your support of this work will help us:

• Prepare students for additional education or to enter the workforce.

• Achieve higher levels of individual student success.

• Prepare our students to become leaders.

• Advance technical, academic, and employability skills.

• Give students the technology and skills needed for success in adult life.

• Expose and connect students to high demand career pathway opportunities.

• Earn industry standard credentials.

• Provide hands-on learning experiences.

The Pride in the Tiger Foundation will be collecting donations for distribution to CTE programs in collaboration with the schools. There is always a need for business internships, job shadows, and classroom speakers as well. A variety of partnership levels are available, and more information can be found on the MPS website at marshall.k12.mn.us under “Donate Now”. Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact us either through the website or by calling 507-537-6924. Your support is greatly appreciated as we are “Growing our Future Together!”

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