Ron Sexton's widow 'extremely disappointed' after attempted murder charges dropped against man who 'shot comic 9 times'
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Ron Sexton's widow 'extremely disappointed' after attempted murder charges dropped against man who 'shot comic 9 times'

Jul 28, 2023

RON Sexton's widow said she is 'extremely disappointed' after the attempted murder charges were dropped against the man who allegedly shot at the comic 9 times.

In a statement to The U.S. Sun, Ron's wife of 29 years said: "We are extremely disappointed in the decision to drop the charges. In December, someone shot nine bullets into Ron’s rental car. Nine shots."

"That was not by accident. The person was trying to kill him," she said of the defendant Paul Berkemeier.

According to court records, all charges against Paul were dismissed, including his attempted murder charge as well as the unlawful carrying of a handgun with a prior felony charge.

While Ron's wife thanked the detectives who helped bring the charges in the first place, she continued:

"We would like to express our frustration with a court system that allowed the repeated continuances that brought us to this point."

"This trial was supposed to take place back in March. In March, it was moved to May. In April, it was moved to August. Conveniently for some, Ron is no longer with us to take the stand and identify the accused which has resulted in the case being dismissed."

The mother of Ron's four children also noted that there is still a criminal investigation into the beloved comedian's July death.

"At this time, a criminal investigation is taking place related to Ron’s recent death.

"We will not be commenting on the investigation beyond pointing out that the wife of the individual who has just been released of these attempted murder charges is listed as an OIV on the police report filed in Harrison, Ohio.

"Given these facts and the incomplete nature of the case, we do not believe now is the time for any possibilities to be dismissed as our family seeks closure.”

Ron, who had played the acclaimed character Donnie Baker for the nationally syndicated morning show Bob and Tom Show, was allegedly involved in an affair with Paul's wife.

Ron's mistress' husband is accused of blasting nine shots into his rental car on December 11th of 2022, according to criminal court documents.

The comedian told police at the time that after his performance in Portland, Indiana, a rural town about 94 miles north of Indianapolis, he contacted the woman, identified only as Mrs. Berkemeier, and asked to meet her at a local bar in Indianapolis.

Ron referred to Mrs. Berkemeier as his girlfriend, who both were "currently married to other people," according to court records.

After meeting at the Northside Bar and Grill for half an hour, the pair went their separate ways in different vehicles, he told police.

Ron, who was staying at a nearby hotel and was in town for the show, told police that when he drove to the parking garage, he noticed a sedan traveling closely behind him.

The comedian said the vehicle pulled up on his left and opened fire.

Ron told police that he recognized the driver as Mrs. Berkemeier's husband, Paul, whom he had seen on several occasions before.

His rental Buick was struck at least nine times, with the rear window shot out, according to a police report.

The Bob and Tom Show comedian suffered injuries to his ear and cheek consistent with shattered glass being blown on his face, records show.

In October 2021, Ron also filed a police report against Paul after he attacked him and threatened him and his family, according to NBC affiliate WTHR.

Mrs. Berkemeier corroborated Sexton's story, telling police her husband became angry when he found out she left their home near Shelbyville to meet up with Sexton, court docs from the 2022 incident showed.

Ron was found dead in his Ohio hotel room on July 21st before a scheduled performance of his Donnie Baker stand-up act in Dayton Friday night.

Local police said Ron was found dead at a Holiday Inn Express on Friday afternoon around 2:20pm, an hour away from his gig later that night.

The comedian's wife, Tracey, is listed as his next of kin in the police report, while his alleged mistress, whose been publicly named as Mrs. Berkemeier, is listed as an OIV, police shorthand for offender/involved/victim.

Police were called when Holiday Inn Express staffers found Ron not breathing in his room, the report stated.

Officers secured the scene while the criminal investigation section arrived.

The case is an open criminal investigation, and the Harrison Police Department is encouraging anyone who believes they have information surrounding Ron's death to contact them.